04.03.2023 / GM SCCh
06.05.2023 / Licensing SCCh
19.08.2023 / Meeting SCCh
28.10.2123 / Licensing SCCh

Swiss club for Chodsky dogs

Member of SKG and FCI

founded on 18.8.2012


The Chodsky dog / Chodsky Pes is a dog breed from the Czech Republic that can be traced back to the 13th century.  The purpose of the SCCh is, among other things, the pure breeding of Chodsky Pes in Switzerland, as well as the provision of information about breeding, acquisition, husbandry, care, education and training.



Licensing 2023

The SCCh inspection will take place on 06.05.2023 at 8 am in Zofingen.

Registration deadline with registration form until 08.04.2023.

Please enclose original pedigree papers and a copy of the HD/ED, DM results and 

show results from youth class 9-18Mt. and send them registered to 

to the Breeding Director Patricie Nesvadba, Flurweg 4, 3506 Grosshöchstetten.

Karte KG Zofingen

GM 2023

The AGM 2023 took place on 4.3.2023 in Waldhaus Gipf-Oberfrick.

The Board would like to thank all those present for their participation and trust.

Special thanks to Reto Rickenbach and his team for hosting us.

We welcome new member of the board, Nadine Gerber and look forward to a good cooperation.

Board SCCh

GM 2023

takes place on 04.03.2023,in Waldhaus Gipf-Oberfrick, Waldrandhof 225, 5073 Gipf-Oberfrick


World exhibition Chodsky pes
Chodska Lhota

On 24.9.2022 a large delegation of the SCCh visited the World Exhibition in Chodska Lhota, Czech Republic. Chodska Lhota is the home region of the Chodsky pes, there is also the famous monument of Ing.Jan Findejs and the big Chodsky pes statue. It is well worth a visit!

Many thanks to all who travelled with us and made this exhibition an unforgettable experience. The Swiss delegation stood out! We were probably the largest foreign group, we were extremely well organised and received many compliments. The atmosphere among the participants was excellent!

The individual classes at the show were huge, for example, 90 bitches and 68 males were entered in the open class! A total of 418 dogs were entered. This makes the excellent ratings our dogs received all the more significant. The World Show has confirmed us:

We are on the right track!

These 15 dogs took part in the World Show:

Veteran class

Colin-Ari Odin od Minurky V4

Deisy od Perloveho potoka V6

Ayla vom Dama's-place V

Ebby Prebeery V 

Open class

Zacharias "Zeno" z Letinske kovarny V

Dasha z Dasickeho zatisi SG

Willow Bryvilsar SG

Esta vom Dama's-place SG

Kratzmatt Conny G 

Champion class

Anais yewheart V6 

Intermediate class

Navara z Zevlova dvora V4

Orion z Zevlova dvora SG 

Junior class

Gira Kaya z Jamenkych valiku V

Taabernakkkelin Certified Verisure Juma SG 

Baby class

Kratzmatt Jenara Vv

CAC Finale

10 years CAC Anniversary Show Wichtrach 17.09.2022

It was an unforgettable day with 63 dogs, their owners and friends...

Huge thanks go to the judge Mrs. Barbara Müller, 

to the OK and helper team, main sponsor Anifit Sarah Turtschi and Gabi Amstutz, 

Jemako - Maya Burri and photographer Regula Schaad. 

Also many thanks to Aline Reinert for French translation.

Photos and impressions can be found in 


We would also like to thank all those who took part and especially all the winners.

In the name of the SCCh we thank you very much and look forward to many 

to many more years together.

President Cornelia Müller

Breeding Manager Patricie Nesvadba 

Schweizerischer Club für Chodsky pes SCCh
Cornelia Müller, Präsidentin
Kratzmatt 46
CH-3434 Landiswil

Tel.: +41 79 785 08 51