Meeting 2022

Meeting SCCh 13.08.2022 in Kratzmatt Landiswil

This year's meeting takes place again on the farm of Cornelia and Markus Müller in Landiswil.
All club members and their Chodenländerhunde, their families and friends are invited!


10:00 Arrive

10 30 Welcome

11:00 - 12:30 walk, (short walk for younger dogs)

12:30 Apero riche

14:00 Ring-Training

15:00 Dessert buffet

16:00 Cleaning up and closing (individual)

CAC  10 years SCCh Clubshow


Licensing 2022

Registration 2022 The registration of the SCCh will take place on 14.05.2022 and on 22.10.2022 in Zofingen. 

Registration with registration form to breeding warden Patricie Nesvadba, Flurweg 4, 3506 Grosshöchstetten, until 23.04.2022 / 30.09.2022.

Please original family tree papers and a copy of the HD/ED, DM results enclose and send registered to the above address.