Bohemian Shepherd dog

are still a young regenerated breed and therefore it is important to pay great attention 

to the inbreeding coefficient (IC) when mating.

The SCCh, as representative of this breed in Switzerland, tries to keep the inbreeding coefficient as low as possible (below 3% in 4 generations), because a high degree of inbreeding favours the spread of genetically caused diseases.

There are also many diseases in dogs that have a genetic component, such as hip dysplasia (25%), degenerative myelopathy (DM), eye, pancreas and thyroid diseases, spondylarthrosis of the spine, congenital deafness, etc..

For some of these diseases there are now genetic tests available which can be tested in Switzerland at Labor Laboklin.

As a club we are very interested in collecting all the results (medically certified) of the tests and using them for breeding and statistics.

All additional examinations are voluntary and medical certificates can be sent to the SCCh Breeding Officer:

NEW in Laboklin 

With samples received by application below, all members SCCH 

automatically receive the association discount.

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