The SCCh performs a Bonitation (breeding-licence!) for Chodsky Pes once a year.
The next Bonitation will be Held 1.5.2021 in Zofingen.

Prerequisites to the Bonitation:

  • min. age at the Bonitation: 18 months
  • Dog must be registered with the Pedigree from SKG; to do this you must send original pedigree papers to SKG Federation management by registered mail. Your dog will then receive a SHSB number.
  • Dogs must have complete dentition with scissors bite (42 teeth)
  • Dogs must have both testicles in the scrotum
  • HD (hip dysplasia) result Max C/C
  • ED (elbow dysplasia) result 1/1
  • DM Gentest (degenerativ myelopathy)
  • 1 x Dogshow with result excellent or very well 

The x-rays for HD / ED can be made by a veterinarian of your choice. But the x-rays
must afterwards be sent to University Hospital Zurich to assess.
The Xray results must be enclosed together with original pedigree papers signed up for Bonitation.
At the Bonitation, dogs must pass a behavioral and exterior assessment. 
The behavior evaluation is conducted in the form of the course.
The exterior evaluation dogs are evaluated by judges and it is important, that the judges without any problems can examine the dog. The dog must be familiar to be touched everywhere, showing its teeth and walk on a leash.
(Info(at) you can obtain detailed information to the Bonitation at the breed warden.