Bohemian Shepherd dogs are lively and spirited. Their reactions are quickly but not hastily. They are good guardians and love human company. They are very docile, attentive, work gladly and with great joy, are easy to lead. You can deal with a very demanding training. They have a very good sense of smell and are suitable for any type of nose work (dogs, avalanche and disaster dog training, rescue dog etc.).

Chodsky pes are medium-sized dogs with a straight back. Males are 52-55 cm, bitches 49-52 cm. Weight 18-26 kg.
The coat is medium long with undercoat (turn down dirt, are easy to clean, 1 x brush enough during the week). The physique is very harmonious and the movement is free and easy. Typical are short, hairy ears. The color is black with brown badges (black and tan). The eyes are brown. 

Thanks to their versatility, Chodsky pes are ideal dogs for the family and for every dog sport fan (agility, companion, obedience, rescue, all the nose work).
They are of robust health, and can be in the apartment, but also outside kept. Chodsky pes can be 12-15 years old.

This breed is suitable for all dog lovers, who enjoy to have a faithful, attentive companion, and who have ready enough time to deal with him.

Source: Free translation from the book "Chodský pes" by ING. Jan Findejs (Verlag Dona - CZ)