The history of this breed goes back far in history . The first written evidence about the "Chodové" (people from the southern part of Bohemia) dating back to the year 1325, when the King Jan of Luxembourg was on the throne.

The Chodové were a free people. They have guarded for hundreds of years the southern border of todays Czech Republic. At their side were always faithful dogs, which have accompanied them everywhere and have guarded the border and their property.
These dogs were all from villages in South Bohemia. In a few families, the breeding was become tradition and many of these dogs have been sold also to Bavaria.
The "Chodenländerhunde" were very robust, healthy and strong beings. These properties have made them to the loyal and reliable companion of the Chodové.

The modern history of the Chodové begins in the 19th century Century. There are many documents and mementos of this courageous people. There are the books by the writer A. Jirásek with images from Mikolas Ales and a sculpture by Čeněk Vosmik in the town of Domažlice. Further are countless stories that are told from one generation to the next .

In 1984, Jan Findejs has written an article "Chodský pes" in the magazine "Pes pritel clovek" with the call to seek similar dogs.

There were found dogs that looked similar to the original breed, described in books and appeared on screens.
From these few dogs, breeders have regenerated a new, modern breed. Many important people were involved in this very heavy work. Among others: Doc. Eng. Dr. Vilém Kurz, Frantisek Horak, doc. Eng. Dr. SC. Rudolf Siler, Eng. Jan Findejs.

Since 14 1 1984, the breed is "Chodský pes" recognized as a national breed at CMKU (CZ-canine terminology Union) and the first dogs were entered in the register of the pedigree.
The first litter with 6 puppies took place on 20 10 1985 in the breeding station "NA Barance" of Mr L. Hykel
More than 4000 new dogs have been registered since 1984-2012.

The "Klub pratel chodskeho PENSA" was founded on 27 11 1991 (Club of friends of Chodenländerhundes) and registered. At the same time, this breed was recognized as a working breed.

Since 1984 many people noticed, what a great race "Chodský pes" are and hopefully many will discove it!

Many dogs have found their homes abroad, mainly in the Slovak Republic, Poland, Denmark, Germany, France, Switzerland and the United States.

Source: Book "Chodksy pes" Eng. Findejs